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OK, let's see. There is a button "mathematical equation" (the one with the radical). It produces:

\begin{equation} insert LaTeX equation here \end{equation}

Great! I can do LaTeX in here.

\begin{align} x\in X; \breve\delta(\hat A):\underline{\Sigma}\rightarrow\underline{\mathbb{R}^{\leftrightarrow}} \end{align}

Nice. Can I do more complex stuff? Like tables?

\begin{align} \hat{E}_{\lambda}^{P}=\left\{ \begin{tabular} [c]{ll}% $\widehat{0}$ & if $\lambda<0$\\ $\widehat{1}-\widehat{P}$ & if $0\leq\lambda<1$\\ $\widehat{1}$ & if $\lambda\geq1$% \end{tabular} \ \right. \end{align}

Yep. Now how about matrices?

\begin{align} \left( \begin{array} [c]{ccc}% \alpha & 1 & \sin x\\ 1 & \Gamma & 0 \end{array} \right) \end{align}

This all works fine. There also is a button "inline mathematical expression" (the one with x/2). It produces: $insert LaTeX equation here$. OK, here we go: $P^{V}\longmapsto\{\omega\in\Sigma(V)\ |\ \omega(P^{V})=1\}$.

The next one, "equation reference" (the one with Eq. (n)), just gives me the message "Sorry, no labelled equations found", even if I use \label{xyz} in one of the equations above. Must find out how this works sometime. Anyway, the equations are automatically numbered, so referencing should be no problem.

Finally, let's try some logical symbols:

\begin{align} \exists\ \forall\ \lnot\ \wedge\ \vee\ \vdash\ \top\ \bot \end{align}

That's nice. And of course, we need a footnote1 ;-)

This is all nice and easy. Have fun!

Doing maths by Andreas DoeringAndreas Doering, 20 Feb 2008 01:02

I am alive as well - but can I post?

And can I do maths?

\not\vdash P \vee \neg P


Re: we are live, now what? by ThorstenThorsten, 10 Jan 2008 16:10

Everything is up and running. Still a lot to do here.

we are live, now what? by biamontebiamonte, 11 Dec 2007 11:59
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