Talks, Videos and Slides

Videos and slides for the talks are available from the following pages.

Categories, Logic and the Foundations of Physics

First meeting, Imperial College London, January 2008
The speakers were Samson Abramsky, Louis Crane, Ross Duncan, Chris Heunen, Chris Isham and Jamie Vicary.

Second meeting, Imperial College London, May 2008
The speakers were Bruce Bartlett, Paolo Bertozzini, Fay Dowker, Basil Hiley, Peter Johnstone and Paul-André Melliès.

Logic, Physics and Quantum Information Theory

This workshop was organised by Prakash Panangaden, and was held at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados.
Barbados meeting, March 2008
Recordings are available of the talks by Howard Barnum, Dan Browne, Bob Coecke, Lucien Hardy, Patrick Hayden, Keye Martin, Prakash Panangaden, Eric Oliver Paquette, Jamie Vicary and Jon Yard.

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